Pituophis Basic Care

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Pituophis Basic Care

Post  zorro on Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:52 pm

I am understanding from people that have had these before that they like cooler temps than what I keep my corns at so I am keeping them at 78. Also I have been told that they should be feed a little less than others maybe every 2-3 weeks.
Does this sound like you guys handle them?
Thanks for the help


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Re: Pituophis Basic Care

Post  tricksterpup on Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:54 am

I tend to feed my guys kinda like corns but with rats. I was told by Dav Kaufman that he gets them on RATs as soon as possible. I actually need to do this. I got one of his 09 from last year and its way smaller than the new one I got from him.

I sent him the Roy Munson feeding plan for Corns and he said he will take a look at it. We may try to come up with some thing very similar to it. I personally think Dean did an outstanding job with that formula and hopefully we can hammer something out with Pits.

Now I know you have Deppei Jani or Deppei deppei. I have not kept this species before and not worked with them. I personally think that most people keep alot of their NA snakes to warm. We get warm in the Summer and cool or cold in the winter. I think keeping the low around 75 to a hot spot of 78-79 may be ideal for them. I personally do not heat their cages. My ambient temps are that already. But as time changes I may change my habits in keeping them as I learn more.


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